The aims and objectives for which the association is established are:

  1. To watch over, promote and protect the interest of its members.
  2. To guard the interest of employers in all branches of the construction industry and to secure their protection by mutual support and cooperation.
  3. To promote just and honourable practices in the business among members and other persons engaged in allied trades.
  4. To co-operate with ministries, local authorities, other associations within and outside the construction industry, institutions, trade unions or persons in securing the interests of the employers in the construction industry in promoting national development.
  5. To promote the use and recognition of standard conditions and forms of contract and sub-contracts, embodying equitable conditions among members and other persons engaged in the construction industry.
  6. To promote and secure harmony, peace and goodwill among all employers and employees engaged in the construction industry and to assist members to develop orderly and effective systems of industrial relations.
  7. To promote unity and co-operation in dealing with organized bodies, trade unions and individuals on matters affecting all or any of its members.
  8. To promote, support, oppose or otherwise be interested in legislation or any measures affecting the interests of the construction industry or allied trade.
  9. To promote and encourage the training of persons in the various branches of the construction industry including the promotion of management education.
  10. To promote excellence of work by distributing information on all matters affecting the industry and allied trades.
  11. To promote excellence in standards of work.
  12. To promote the interest of clients by encouraging the highest standards of performance at the lowest economic costs through genuine and free competition.
  13. To affiliate to or be associated with any association, institution or organisation having interests similar to those of the Association.