Current committees, workgroups, boards and other institutions where ABCON is or was involved:


  • Established first 4 technical committees
  • Participated in following technical committees
    • Road and road materials
    • Steel doors & window frames
    • Concrete products
    • Timber products
    • Plastic products – pipes
    • Steel/metal products – reinforcing
    • Tiles & tiling products
    • Scaffolding
    • Safety clothing
  • Serves in the BOBS Board for two terms 2001- 2007
  • Acted as Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) Chairman for same period
  • ABCON participation appreciated by BOBS


  • Served in BOTA Board for two terms – asked to stay on for another term while BOTA became BQA


  • ABCON has been instrumental in the establishment of CITF and has been on the Board since the beginning.
  • ABCON heads Construction Industry Liaison Committee
  • Participate in Finance Committee
  • Participate in Tender Committee


  • Participated in setting up of BTEP course material
  • ABCON currently participating in Programme Advisory Committee

Ministry of Education

  • ABCON was the catalyst that started the revamping of the vocational training and has been appointed on the review committee for vocational training curricula

Ministry of Trade and Industry

  • ABCON is represented on the committee looking at trade barriers in international trade concerning the construction industry

Business Botswana

  • ABCON is involved in the following sectors in Business Botswana:
  • Construction
  • Labour
  • Finance
  • Professional services
  • Education

All of the above and more behind the scenes activities is made possible as a result of members’ commitment to giving something back to Botswana and its people. Members of ABCON and would be members sometimes ask what is and what can the association do for its members, but ABCON is much more than just providing something to its members. ABCON is currently the driving force behind a number of changes in the country as a direct result of the members and their contributions.