The association was formed in 1977 by a small group of contractors who recognized the need to have an active communal voice in Botswana to address concerns, share information, build the industry and lobby Public forums when needed.

ABCON is a non-profit making and entirely independent organization, as the association’s income is derived from subscriptions paid by its members. Membership is open to all building and civil engineering contractors, allied suppliers and sub-contractors.

The association is recognized by the Botswana Government as a representative voice of the construction industry and as such has representation in numerous boards, committees, work-groups and management structures of institutes, including training institutions where it represents industry’s views and promotes better understanding between players in the industry.

From its inception in 1977 to December 2007, the association was run by volunteers. During 2008 a secretariat with its own office and a full time secretary and an Executive Director was created. The association is governed by an Executive committee elected by the members to whom the Executive Director reports on a monthly basis. Annually an Annual General Meeting is held whereby members receive the accounts of the past year, elects new members to the Executive committee and is addressed by a guest speaker presenting an address on any current hot topics that may range from politics of the day, economic issues or technical issues and new developments.

Monthly Executive meetings are held where issues concerning and related to the industry and related fields are discussed and plans are formulated to address concerns and other issues should the need arise. Minutes of the Executive meetings are distributed to all members for transparency and information

During the late 1990’s it was realized that there is a need for a wider forum where issues concerning the industry can be discussed and addressed if possible. As a result ABCON organized and presented the first Construction Industry Conference in 2002. The Conference coincided with the 25 year celebrations of the existence of the association. The last Conference was held in September 2011. Conferences are organized as and when the need arise.

ABCON has played an active role in the industry over the past 38 years to promote good workmanship and value for money business principles and for that reason the Association partook in the PPC Cement sponsored competition to crown the “No. 1 Builder of Botswana” during the years 2011-2014. The competition allows builders and contractors the opportunity to exhibit their skills and compete against one another.

ABCON organizes technical evenings where new developments and issues related to the industry are presented to members and guests. These events are also opportunities to network and where members and guests engage with one-another on friendly terms.

The annual ABCON golf day takes place on the 3rd Thursday of October each year. It is an event where contractors, consultants and related professionals and business men are put together arbitrary in teams to promote networking and to have a lot of fun in doing so. This event has now been moved to May or June of each year due to conflicting events during September and October.

ABCON is actively engaged in the Government supported workgroup preparing a bill to be presented to Parliament during 2020 to establish an Authority to control and regulate the construction industry in Botswana.